Follow-up: Today was better

Thank you to everyone who read my last post and liked, commented or messaged me about my day. It’s truely wonderful to feel the support from you all when my posts come from the heart.

I thought I would follow-up with an update on how my next day was. I haven’t historically posted back to back but I cannot personally benefited from sharing my experience when it wasn’t a great one so I’m sure this too will help.

I woke up at a reasonable time without the help of a cat, got ready for work then woke my family. Today was a “Daddy Day” for Finn so the pressure for all of us to be ready was not as great. I was dropped into work and soon after met a good friend for coffee. I continued my morning in a good mood and got through my work right up until lunch time.

On lunch, I jogged to the gym, trained some weights then jogged back to my office. A refreshing shower and some delicious lunch (leftovers from the hubby) left me feeling refreshed. My afternoon was productive, then in the early evening my boys picked me up from the office.

When we arrived home we had a quick dinner together and afterwards I bathed Finn. While he was in the bath we played together using his bath crayons. I would draw for him and he would wipe my drawings off then tell me what to draw next. Once he was ready for bed we read a book together, then I cuddled him for 45 mins before I tagged Dad in to get him to sleep.

The main difference about my two days is the way I looked at them. When reflecting on today I can only recall the positives. My whole mindset today was different. I feel grateful I have a job, my health and my wonderful family. That doesn’t mean all days are good, some days are tough but it can help knowing that tomorrow can always be a better day. I hope you all had a better day too xo

P.S. Extra special thanks to my fantastic husband for his never ending support xx

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