Today was not my day

As I went to bed last night I was looking forward to the new day ahead. I had the best intentions to make my day a good one.

At 4:30am the sound of my cat clawing at my bed woke me. She had dropped two toys beside my bed as a peace offering. What she wanted was more food in her bowl. I climbed out of bed, fed her, then locked her in the garage hoping I would get some more sleep. I lay in bed until just before 6am trying to sleep, I could feel my mood growing flatter every minute I lay there awake. Giving up on my failed sleeping attempt, I got up and got myself ready for work.

Once I was ready I woke my family and got Finn ready for daycare. Once he was fed, dressed, had sunscreen and shoes on, I decided to turn on Paw Patrol to allow me to prepare my breakfast uninterrupted. As my toast was cooking, I looked over at Finn and asked if he needed to go to the toilet (judging by the look on his face). Too late. The accident had happened. Nick and I switched to clean up mode, then got him ready all over again.

Soon enough I made it into work, I tackled challenges, problems and provided training to those who needed it. As lunch time approached, I started looking forward to my planned session at the gym. Yet every time I would reach for my things to leave, someone would call on me. 2 hours past my planned lunch time, I finally made it to the gym.

I completed my session, showered and returned to my desk. I worked away until Nick called me to tell me he was here to pick me up. We picked up Finn on the way home and once there, Nick cooked dinner while I hung out with Finn. We ate together as a family, then I bathed Finn, read him a book, and battled with him for over an hour and a half to go to sleep. By 9:45pm I’m feeling exhausted and defeated.

I decided to write down how my day went for two reasons. The first is because it helps me realise all the good that came out of today, like making it to the gym, having a delicious dinner cooked by my husband, playing with paints in the bath with Finn then reading Green Eggs and Ham together before bed.

The second reason is because I know that tomorrow is another chance to have an amazing day.

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