Parenting: Embracing going “Full Mum Mode” this Mother’s Day

I recently took a break from social media and posting on my blog to focus on some assignments and big events. The down time gave me some space to think about where I want to take my blog. The honest truth is I still don’t know exactly, but I did decided that I enjoy blogging and sharing my experiences and I’m going to keep doing it.

During this period of reflection, I thought about the name of my blog and why I chose “full mum mode”. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, everything I did seemed to be in “mum mode”. All my behaviours and every one of my decisions was being made with my babies best interests in mind. This actually wasn’t a huge shift from my usual way of thinking. All my life I’ve aimed to be mindful of others, so what was it about my actions that made me feel like a mum?

I’ve always been geeky and nerdy so I’m fully prepared to embarrass my kids. I know I’ll be able to do this just by being myself, by going the extra mile to help with a project, make a costume or throw a party. I’ll embarrass them by being overly affectionate and demonstrating how much I love and care for them, even in public. I’m certain I’ll send them crazy trying to ensure they eat healthy, keep active and stay clean. I’ll drive them mental encouraging them when they do well, and help them when they need it, with education or anything they are passionate about.

Initially, I shied away from using the term “mum” at all. I didn’t want that label to define me or become just another mummy blogger. Almost two years into parenting and I fully understand how silly that is. Why wouldn’t I want to embrace this title? The mums I have met over these past two years are people I will cherish for the rest of my life. Each woman has taught me something, given me a piece of herself and been there for me in anyway they can. Mums are amazing! Now that I am one, I’m fortunate enough to experience a different side to this incredible role. This is not to take anything away from dad’s. They have been incredible too, but Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday 12th May 2019).

With that subtle reminder inserted there, I’d like to add that this year I’ll be fully embracing and celebrating my Mother’s Day. It won’t just be a celebration of me or my amazing Mother and MIL, but a celebration of all mums. To all mums, I hope you feel like the Wonder Woman you are and be sure embrace the moments you are in “full mum mode”.

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