Date Nights: A Wonderful Tool for Parents to Communicate

For our anniversary this year we booked two nights away at a unit in Broadbeach. It was important we celebrated our anniversary but it was also a new milestone being my first night away from Finn. I can hardly believe where the last 21 months went and don’t know how I managed without a full night away from him.

Since my return to work last year I’ve adjusted to spending time away from Finn. Knowing he’s always well cared for and enjoys his time whether it be at daycare, with dad or other family and friends helps enormously. I increased to full time work after Finn’s first birthday which took some additional adjustments (for myself) to being away five consecutive weekdays. We’ve been on date nights or out having fun with friends while someone babysits him at home. No matter the situation, I’ve always come home and been there when he woke up. Reflecting on this, we decided it was well past time to have a night away and stopped putting it off.

Before we fell pregnant, Nick and I had a relationship that was incredibly strong. We felt that nothing could ever shake us. From the moment we met we were honest with each other and were effective communicators. Being with each other was easy. When faced with challenges, we always had each other to pull through and came out stronger than ever.

Once Finn arrived, something critical changed between Nick and I. Becoming parents shifted our focus and our priorities. The majority of our discussions were related to parenting. Most of the time this was essential, we were learning so much and needed to bounce ideas and thoughts off one another constantly. While navigating this new role and managing sleep deprivation, there was little time left for Nick and I to talk about anything else.

We are now both a lot more confident with being Finn’s parents and want to reinvest some time back into our relationship as a couple. As with most other aspects of our parenting journey, we’re finding this becomes easier over time. Finn is a lot more independent, communicates well and his sleep has improved a lot. This has given us much needed time to spend with each other.

We do our best to ensure we have regular date nights now. It helps us support each other better, reconnect and as a result we are better parents. Our date nights don’t have to be fancy or expensive. We’re all about that frugal life. We may go out for dinner, a movie or even just find somewhere to have a drink together. One of our favourite date nights was playing a board game at home once Finn was fast asleep. Anything outside the normal routine.

For a relationship, the benefits of spending quality time together are well know and wide spread. However, it can be challenging to achieve this with a little person in the mix. Considering this, I’m always looking for ideas for date nights. If you’ve had a wonderful date night experience, please share it. We all need a little bit of grown up time, so book in your next date night and communicate with your loved one.

Thank you to the Meriton @ Broadbeach for having us. We will be back!

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