New year, new me? A guide to goal setting, planning and monitoring.

Who else started 2019 strong? With new goals, genuine intentions and renewed passion to succeed? Now that we are a month into the new year, How are you tracking with your goals? It’s time to check in on your own goals, track your progress and plan ahead to keep making progress so you don’t fall short by the end of the year.

When Finn was born in June 2017, I didn’t really plan to achieve anything other than survival. With six months of parenting under my belt I was ready to set some goals for 2018. I set goals that didn’t feel like too much of a stretch, goals that I thought were fairly specific and achievable. However, I made a couple of critical errors. I needed to invest more time into setting action items to help me achieve my goals, check-in regularly to track my progress.

I’m proud of all I achieved in 2018, yet imagine how I might feel today if I’d been able to confidently tick off all my goals. These two errors showed me how I can improve to ensure 2019 will be even better. Mistakes are wonderful lessons, as long as we learn from them. So, what am i doing differently to achieve my goals this year?

Firstly, I’ve set clear goals and established action items to help me achieve them. I’ve written them down in my organiser, to provide a place of perfect recall, what my goals are and what I need to be doing. For example, I have a fitness goal for the year. For me this is not a number on the scale or a dress size but a healthy and active lifestyle goal, I’ve signed up for Tough Mudder as a way to track how I’m doing. The tasks I have in place are; to complete four weights sessions a week and two cardio sessions. This is not always going to be possible so I’ve decided to have a mindset that will allow for and assist with flexibility.

Secondly, I have adopted the ‘No Zero Days’ approach for my Fitness, blogging and study goals. This means, if I am unable to accomplish what I have planned that I will do something towards these goals to make it a ‘No Zero Day’. For a fitness goal this could be something as simple as a brisk walk or a couple sets of body weight exercises like push ups. For my blogging, I will write at least one sentence everyday and before you know it I will have another post to share.

Finally, I’m keeping my goals in sight and at the front of my mind. I have a note in my phone and they are clearly written in my organiser for me to see daily. I’ve set periodic reminders to check on my progress and make any necessary adjustments throughout the year. Using these reminders I’m able to see what I have already achieved, chart my achievements against my initial goals and plan new tasks to achieve before my next check in.

Another tip for goal setting is to ensure you’re not over committing yourself. In my case, I’ve always loved exercising and being active. However, with a toddler to care for it is unrealistic for me to complete 4 to 5 one hour long gym sessions each week as a fitness goal. I have found the “no zero days” approach helpful in maintaining a positive mindset.

I’m definitely not perfect when it comes to goal setting and management. Towards the end of January, I’ve felt some of these good behaviours slipping. This is where checking in helps reset your mindset and adapt your approach. I hope my tips for goal setting are helpful to you. I would love to hear what goals you have set for yourself and how you’re progressing. Sharing these can assist with accountability and are a great way to check in. I wish you every success and I am always hear to listen.

I’m happy with how I look in both of these photos and I love that this shows how much work I’ve been putting in.

One thought on “New year, new me? A guide to goal setting, planning and monitoring.

  1. You are so inspirational Kim. I hear what you say, and I see what you do, in my case I have to be in the right headspace. I have kicked off one goal though, which for me is major. I have a fear of dentists, real fear, and my teeth were pretty bad. From chipping one in half before your wedding, 3 years ago! I bit the bullet and have been getting lots of work done on my teeth, teeth removal and crowns. It is still going but I feel better knowing I have done it. Lame to some but a huge step for me. I feel proud even if no one else cares. I know you will succeed in what ever you chose to do. Last thing, you should be a writer, very well written as usual. X


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