We made it through our first year

We made it through our first year

I’ve been very MIA from my page & writing lately but recently decided to focus some of my free time on creating more content to share. Our biggest milestone to date has happened since my last blog post so I thought I would start with an update from there.

Finn turned one in June and we celebrated the day doing things he loves and as a result some beautiful memories were created that we will never forget. In the morning he opened his presents from Nick and I (aka Mum and Dad), went to toddler time at the library, then met up with one of his friends at the park to ride their new bikes together. In the afternoon my parents arrived to babysit for the evening and one of his aunties stopped in for cuddles. Then Nick and I attended a friends beautiful hwedding.

It was a fantastic night out for us, though I couldn’t stop myself from getting a little emotional as the time of Finn’s birth passed and I remembered those first moments when we met our son. Everything that has happened since that moment has been the greatest blessing I could have ever asked for. It was wonderful to be out celebrating together.

The following two days were spent finalising preparations and hosting an amazing party. We were surrounded by our wonderful friends and family on the day of his party and everything was greater than expected. The day wouldn’t have been such a success without the incredible effort from everyone involved. It was a very long day, yet it was filled with so many moments of happiness and love as we mingled with our guests. We photographed as much of the day as possible; I frequently find this to be one of my biggest challenges with parties and I’m glad I gave up control and thankful to my friend who took over camera duties. Once the final guests parted ways we took a moment to appreciate the gifts that were left for Finn. Each gift was a little token of the love held for our special little man. We were all exhausted after a massive weekend, once Finn was asleep Nick and I commenced operation clean up.

The next day our little family started our new routine. Finn started daycare 3 days a week and I increased to full time work. Though returning to work has not been easy I have found the change from part time to full time an even bigger adjustment than the initial part-time return. Fortunately, Nick’s schedule allows him to care for Finn the two additional days I am at work and this has definitely continued to strengthen the bond my boys have with each other.

The whole of June continued to be busy yet fun with Finn’s other friends all turning 1 and partying each weekend. It has become quite the juggling act to work 5 days a week, get some quality time in with the family and enjoy our weekends together but we’re working on it.

As well as finding time to spend with my family I have also been finding time for myself. I’ve reignited my passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle and have found that by putting in time and energy into this area that I am being rewarded with twice as much back. I am excited to share more of this area of my life as it is something I have always been very passionate about.

One of the other major changes we have been through in the last few weeks is moving home. Whilst we didn’t have far to move it definitely took its toll with all the organising, physical exhaustion and adjustments of living in a new place. I was sad to leave our old unit as we made so many wonderful memories there over the past 4 years but I am excited about this new place at the same time. Moving with a toddler is not an easy task and cleaning our old place was an especially big challenge but I am proud of my family for pulling it all off and thankful for the help and support we received during this time.

It’s always an exciting time in life with a little person growing and developing. We love watching Finn master new skills and exploring the world’s possibilities. He has become extremely confident standing but is far too cautious to walk just yet. He shows understanding of conversation and tries communicating and mimicking our actions. He absolutely has his own personality and way of doing things and to me is the coolest person on the planet (sorry Nick).

As I finish writing this post Finn is just cutting another tooth or two. It feels as though teething is designed to be spread out enough between each tooth emerging that you forget just how horrible it is. Thankfully this will pass and we should be back to sleeping again sometime soon. In the meantime… coffee is my friend.

I’m learning so much and hope that by sharing my experience I may help others with their journey. Please send through any questions you have and I will do my best to include the answers in my posts about this. Thanks to everyone for continuing to follow my family’s adventures and I’m looking forward to more frequent sharing 🙂

3 thoughts on “We made it through our first year

  1. This is such a great post, you and Nick are incredible parents and should be extremely proud for creating such a perfect little boy.


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